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Who we are

Many bright and talented engineers struggle to find meaning and purpose in their work. They might be paid well for what they do but they feel something is missing. They long for something that transcends a paycheck.

We work with engineers from all over the globe, who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences in security, software development, and IT operations.

Our mission is to ignite the intrinsic passion present in young engineers with the goal of becoming responsible, global leaders of tomorrow. We do this by helping them build a personal industry brand, creating opportunities to participate in global communities, and helping them with leadership development on the global stage.

Altaz Valani


Manager Mentoring Trainee

What we do


We introduce young engineers to global communities where they can collaborate and help to evolve our DevSecOps practices.

Public speaking

We provide opportunities to present at conferences and webinars so that young engineers can develop a clear point of view.


We create opportunities to lead and grow new, sustainable communities. This increases personal brand and influence.

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Our Recent Podcasts

People Side of Agile Development

Oussama Melki

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These days we hear a lot about agile development.

Listen in on the conversation with Oussama Melki who started out as a developer and grew into becoming an Agile Evangelist.

Build a Comb Shaped Career

Tony Carrato

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You may have come across people advising you to start with a "T" shaped career and evolve into a "comb" shaped career.

In this podcast, Tony shares his experience from a lifetime of building a comb shaped career.

Make an Impact by Influence

Pranshu Bajpai

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Security Architecture is foundational to the design and implementation of our systems.

Pranshu shares insights and advice from his personal journey toward becoming a Security Architect.

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